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Novel insect repellents and insecticides

About Us

Insect Repellents and Insecticides

Products:  We have developed the organic synthesis and use of Nootkatone, 1,10-dihydronootkatone and tetrahydronootkatone as insect repellents for mosquitos, ticks, fleas, lice, fire ants, cockroaches and termites.

DCHAP:  Dicyclohexylamine Phosphate is a potent termite and fire ant insecticide.

ANTZAP:  proprietary non-toxic formulation to kill Brazilian Fire Ants, Raspberry Crazy Ants, Carpenter Ants, and others.

Nootkatones are potent repellents for deer ticks as tested by the CDC.

Our Business Model

Citrazone will market, partner with, and or license our insect-active compounds to Major Industrial Companies who have a marketing arm.

Repelling and Eradicating hemophagous and biting insects, wood destructive insects, and household and agricultural pests are the main targets of research, business and development.

For the nootkatones, we seek to partner with a corporation that has organic synthesis capability and expertise.

For the cyclohexylamine phosphate and ANTZAP, Citrazone will manufacture, package and sell products, or license the technologies for development by a major corporation.


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